Clothing simulation Workflow

I am still improving the process since I learn new methods every day, but here is an overview of the Process/Pipeline I used to create the clip:

1. Find a portrait photo online (getty images, google search)

2. Adobe Photoshop - prepare the portrait by symmetrically duplicating the nicer half of the face. This is not necessary if you have a well lit portrait

3. Reallusion Character Creator - using Headshot and morph targets to finalize the character face and body.

4. Reallusion iClone + 3Dxchange to animate the character with motion capture date + manual keyframing. Tip: animation must start with T or A pose. Export FBX to 3DS Max

5. Autodesk 3DS Max - import moving character. export Avatar + Point Cache animation (PC2 file) to Marvelous Designer. Export initial pose character mesh to Zbrush.

6. Zbrush - model accessories (shoes) and Import to max and Skin Wrap to character.

7. Zbrush - model hairstyle and export curves.

8. Ornatrix for 3DS Max - import hairstyle curves from Zbrush, refine hairstyle and simulate the hair animation.

9. Marvelous Designer - import the Avatar and the animation data (from step 5). Design clothing and simulate the animation clip. Import the animated garment to 3DS Max.

10. Vray in 3DS Max - change all scene materials to Vray materials - garment materials from MD, accessory materials from ZB, character materials from iClone.

11. Render farm - ranch-computing

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions

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